• Empowering Women, Underpriviledged and BIPOC

    We believe in equity, so we are working hard to bridge the gaps and strive towards parity. More than 50% of our workforce is women. More than 50% of our workforce is BIPOC.

  • Supporting Dreams in India

    We source our products ethically from local artists and artisans. With each purchase, you are supporting the dreams of working women and small family-owned businesses in India.

  • Keeping it Authentic

    We bring you local favorites sourced from all over India. We aim to bring you products that are under-processed, vegetarian and made with high quality ingredients.

  • Caring for the Environment

    We are taking accountability to ensure sustainability and to minimize the impact on the planet. We aim to keep our products and packaging natural.

Our Origin Story

Our founder, Ripanshi Jain, grew up in Mumbai, India and moved to the US over a decade ago. Upon being asked what do you miss about India the most, the answer without hesitation was always, "the food." 

She felt that Indian food in the US was always lacking: it scratched an itch, but it never hit home. All of the snacks were either brand names or overly processed and never like the fresh and delectable ones she grew up with.

She founded Indrya to bring a piece of home to Indians abroad and a snippet of India to those who are curious about Indian culture. We invite you to ♫ a whole new world… ♫

Be a part of our story